Depakote Vera, Please!


I’ve been here a while
I’m ready to go.
I feel good, and I’m safe
I thought you should know.

My baby is due
In days.
I want to keep him,
Please don’t take him away.

I have a life plan
And I don’t hear voices.
I’ll raise my son well
And I’ll make the right choices.

My baby was born
A few days early.
I’m sorry I eloped,
A bad choice, clearly.

I promise I’ll love him
And raise him with care.
I really want to be his mother
He’s mine, it’s only fair.

When do I get my shot/
“Shot?  Which one do you mean?”
You know, the Depakote Vera!
“Ingenious idea, a millionaire you’d be!”

“Depo Provera when you go
As well as the Depakote pill
Please return in a week,
We need to check your blood still.”

Thank you, Doctor
For helping me today,
Maybe someday we’ll invent
The “Depakote Vera” way!

Jillian Busch, Class of 2005