Pharmaceutical Pandering

They catch you off guard,
They primp and preen for every scene:
Making it the most appropriate, appealing,
Most revealing, almost pornographically,
But they do not care to reveal everything –
Their glossy veneer is thick, dried on,
Like their souls,
Ready for disposal,

They unctuously waltz in,
Engage you so mesmerizingly,
Trap you in mendacious webs,
Word-play with enticing undertones:
Prolix claims of prophetic wonders,
Too good to be true.  the side-show goes
From one credulous physician to the next:
Snatching the bait, you are taken in:
Taken for a ride, taken for a fool, while

They perform many tricks on the naive mind
Eloquent brain-washing an art-form,
Reason: it falls on their deaf ears:
They entertain themselves, too focused,
Too stuck on their tales, all too consistent,
To hear your outpouring of disbelief,
You sample their incentives: food and pens,
Devices for the indolent leave you unsatisfied.
You pay your price, leave it all behind,
Yet what remains?  a new social disease:
Infected integrity.


Ron Maggiore, Class of 2004