Aunt Rosie

see Aunt Rosie
an immigrant from

see Aunt Rosie
avoid doctors
no matter what.

why, Aunt, why?

see Aunt Rosie watch


-…feeling less than “fine”?
Feel “fine” again, with MaxiFine® Extended Release (Azoldigilovir Multicillinazepam)

MaxiFine® ER is not for everyone.  Side effects include dizziness, headache, rash, hair loss, seizures, urinary incontinence, hallucinations, gangrene, tingling in extremities, spontaneous bleeding, amnesia, mouth sores, cardiovascular collapse, rhythmic myoclonic jerks, psychosis, generalized pain, vaginal itch, and occassional sudden death.

Certain patients should not take MaxiFine® ER.  If you suffer from glauoma, African tick typhus, or pregnancy, or if you work as a dry cleaner or a circus performer, you should avoid all possible contact with MaxiFine® ER.

So talk to your doctor about MaxiFine® ER.  Still legal in 15 states!

The next time someone asks, “how are you?”
You can respond with confidence, “fine.”

MaxiFine® Extended Release
(Azoldigilovir Multicillinazepam)

From the makers of Prozac®, Vitamin C Extended Release®, and —


-Doctor!  this patient is in VCD!  We need to TIG him stat!
-I can’t!  I need his QAB!  Get him on the table!
-His heart is CCC! I’m going L-M-N-O-Pee!
-W! X! Y! —


-…tonight on Fox News at Nine: action-packed weekend in your own back yard!  Police officers die, crooks are on the run, adn a house explodes to a million pieces, leaving thirteen dead and twenty more buried alive!

Also, hear the dramatic story of a mother whose three-year-old duaghter fell victim to a horrible medical mistake, which left her paralyzed for life!  We’ve got the exclusive interview!  And, which floor sweeper is the best?  Fox News investigates.  Tonight at nine, right after –


-I don’t understand, Dr. Basch, how, knowing what you do about lung cancer, you continue to smoke.  Maybe you don’t inhale?
-I inhale, Dr. Fishman.
-Why do you do it then?
-It feels good.
-If everyone did what feels good, where would we all be?
-Feeling good
-You’re too loose.  I don’t know how you do such good work, being that loose.  Enjoy that cigarette, Dr. Basch, for it’s three more minutes off your life…* –


-…to your doctor about MaxiFine® ER.  Still legal —

>>CLICK – Ka-TING!<<

see Aunt Rosie
walk away from her TV

see Aunt Rosie
palpate her breast

Palpate, Aunt, palpate.

See Aunt Rosie
locate her Lump

see Aunt Rosie
hope it goes away
by itself.

Lukasz Swistun, Class of 2004

*Adapted from Samuel Schem MD, The House of God (modified).