Strange day.  No headache today.
Cleaned up a corpse and carried it like a coffin.
Maybe it was the lighting that made my backache
And not the deceased on my arm or the knife I fell on.
Yeah, the lighting was very toxic now that I think about it.
Someone said a headache are gone now.
He probably blamed dogs for this…
Dogs and cheese.
And by the looks of his finger nails,
A sandbox full of little Oreo men
At war with Cheese nips and Cocaine.
Thanks for the shake.  I’ll be sure to drink it before the day is over..
But, I probably won’t appreciate it as much as the guy on my shoulders.
He probably wouldn’t like it as much as a lactose intolerant.
There is a chance, a good chance, that I’ll have a headache today.
One of my eyelashes is missing, and I feel very off balance.

Amr Megahed, Chicago, Class of 2001