Moments Intruded

by I should really be studying

1.   Luna concert
2.  Brian’s 26th birthday party
3.  Pages 12, 46, 107, and 236 of High Fidelity
4.  Pathology lecture
5.  Christmas shopping while the snow is still pretty
6.  Hour 2 of Emily’s break-up saga
7.  Crossword puzzle at 1:43 am
8.  First glorious day of knee-baring breeziness
9.  Saturday matinee of The Matrix
10. Lingering with college roommates long after tip doled out
11.  Filling journal with subtherapeutic drivel
12. “Studying” with soon-to-be-boyfriend from twilight to midnight
13. Mandatory auto maintenance following brunch with parents

Seeba Anam, Chicago, Class of 2001