A Moment of Silence

In one day I am to have my surgery
     Dear, don’t worry the good doctor knows what is best
And I pray that you will take good care of me
     He said I’d be home in five days but not a day less
Be sure to remove the cancer completely
     I’ve inquired about the procedure, it’s not complex
And no instruments are left behind in me
     The mass is easily resectable from my chest
Please keep my heart beating appropriately
     So go home and sleep and lay your troubles to rest
And make sure that my lungs have good air entry
     Soon I will be cured and finally at my best
I will leave my life in your hands, don’t you see
       I know you’re concerned and these feelings you can’t suppress
I want no reason for my wife to worry
      But we’ve gone over this before, please don’t become a mess
Though it is clear I am as scared as can be
      I know it’s hard to halt the tears that your fears manifest
I must maintain my strength for my family
      But for the sake of the kids these fears try not to express
So please, I pray, protect me from injury
      Bring the kids by tomorrow night after I’ve had some rest
I’m counting on you, doc, you are trustworthy
      And believe me when I say don’t worry, I’ve already asked to be blessed

Britten Cole, Chicago, Class of 2002

Honorable Mention