It won’t hurt much

Yeah, right.

It’ll be over before you know it.

It’ll seem like forever.

Just relax.

How can I?  It’s slipping!

Take some deep breaths.

I’d rather take shallow breaths.

It won’t take much longer.

It’s been too long already!

How are you doing?

I’ll lie – “fine.”

Let me know if you feel any pain.

Lie again – “not much.”

So how are things going in school?

Just finish.

I’m almost done.

Not soon enough.

There, I’m finished.

Thank God!

You can sit up now.

Mother may I?

Fill this out.

Whatever gets me outta here.

The results will be mailed to you.

I hate waiting.

You can get dressed now.

Then leave the room already!

I’ll see you in a year.

I’ll be you in a year.

Heather E. Hill, Class of 2001