The Attending Enters the OR


The surgeon enters and observes the field,
“Not bad, my friend, I think you’re catching on.”
His eyes turn to the spot where skin’s revealed,
“This guy’s a keeper, Sue.  Well, ain’t he, hon?”
He grabs the towel and wipes his arms and hands,
“Oh Sue, I spoke too soon; I see a flaw.”
He wags his finger and he reprimands,
“This drape must come at least up to the jaw.”
He drops the towel.  A pest lands on his hair,
“Oh, can it be?  Amazing!  It’s a fly!”
He shakes his head, the fly glides in the air,
“It figures, only at the U. of I.!”
With smiling eyes, he slips into his gown,
“Let’s get to work before that fly comes down.”

Henry Lee, Class of 1999