Hear My Cry


Bars on my bed – maybe railings,
a large cold deserted room.
Many distant voices and cries
cold wet sheets – my underwear was soaked
I knew I would get in trouble, yelled at, and maybe spanked – but couldn’t they hear my cry?
I know mom and dad are close by – they have never let me out of their sight…maybe they forgot about me
Can someone hear my cry?
People…women actually are nearby…
Oh I know they won’t be happy with me.
If only I could get out of this bed
I know I could climb on the toilet seat
and no one would have to know.  Can anyone hear my cry?
Maybe I can climb down and run to the playroom – they won’t know I did it.
Maybe mom and dad will be there.  I didn’t mean to do it – – – but why couldn’t they hear my cry?
Oh good I’m hungry.  Yum ice cream.
Why is she mad at me, why is she thrusting me like this – I didn’t mean to do it
I couldn’t get down…why couldn’t you hear my cry?
I’ll sit here very still and quietly while you change the sheets
maybe mom and dad will come soon.
I think I’ll find the playroom she’ll never notice I’m gone.
All right!  My favorite red horsey.  I’ll just sit here and ride it back and forth until mom and dad come.  I wouldn’t have to run away if they had only heard my cry.
Oh no here she comes.  Maybe she won’t see me…there are so many kids here…she won’t notice I”m missing.
I’m wrong – she noticed.
Why is she angry with me?  Please stop tugging my arm it hurts…ouch why did you throw me down on the bed?
I’m sorry – don’t be mad
Why are you shoving the ice cream down my throat…It really hurts…I’m not so hungry after all.
Oh mom, dad where are you?
Why can’t you hear my cry?
Hey why are you leaving me?…I’m scared…I don’t want to be alone.
Please com back…can’t you hear my cry…
Lights are out…
Faint cries and voices are heard.
As I place my head between
these rails…I see monsters changing shape and flickering
under the door.  Can’t you see them?  Mom, dad where are you?
Can’t you hear my cry?

Catherine Brignoni, Class of 2000