Consent for What?


Been listening to this man for hours
Still don’t understand a word said
Whatever happened to a layman’s terms
Talkin’ all over my head
I’m supposed to sign at the dotted line
While nodding with a sense of approval
Does he detect that I’m scared to death?
About the cutting, tucking, and removal
Could have sworn I displayed a different sense
Of what I preferred to have done
Definitely don’t want the scalpel to my skin
Boy, do I feel like I should run
Not literally, but mainly my thoughts
Shall I bring them to an abrupt stop?
Maybe then I can downplay the untold risks
And the case possibly being a complete flop
What happened to asking if I had any question?
And don’t look at me with that expression
I know that ultimately I’ll just serve one purpose
As your guinea pig, and one of many lessons
For you, and all your entourage
I know what’s really going down
You still have not explained much to me
Wearing scrubs that resemble a clown
Wow, I really took this to another level
Although justified, but worked up with anguish
If only doc, you could have talked to me
In a slightly more simplified language

Raasheen Roberts, Class of 2000