A Disgusting Wonderful Day


Five a.m., my alarm wants to tell me
Get up wake up it’s week two of o.b.
I’m on call today, just a billion more times
I need a coke, do I have quarters and dimes
The sun has not risen from its own slumber
For choosing this profession I feel dumber and dumber
The roads are all clear, there’s no one about
The solitude and calm make me want to shout
Morning notes to be written, don’t forget board report
For my every new fact, intern’s got a retort
Split the patients up, start writing your note
After you’re done, I’ll destroy what you wrote
One o’clock, three o’clock, five o’clock, seven
A moment of rest would be better than heaven
Senior resident takes up pity, go get yourself food
But intern’s upset, as a student I’m no good
The wee hours of the morning, mom’s under control
The intern’s asleep and I’m on patrol
Don’t worry, she said, she’s only at four
If you really need me, just knock at my door
From down the hall I hear a disturbance
I’ll check on mom and give reassurance
That mom holds the record for quickest dilation
I see baby’s head, hope it was imagination
I scream for help and beg her to wait
But on this conversation she will not debate
I’m not a doctor, the intern will rush
She glares at me and starts to push
Was there an episode of ER, what the hell do I do
Do I catch like a football, score a point or two
But at that moment, I see divine light
The baby slides into my arms I did so right
The intern comes in and takes care of business
The baby wails with his newborn fussiness
My own tears, I wonder, are they of sorrow or joy
The answer all clear when mom holds baby boy

Ender Akan, Class of 1999