Short-Term Fellowships

The Short-Term Fellowship program is intended to provide health professionals an opportunity to engage in intensive study or research on a problem of their own choice. Those who are accepted for the program are expected to arrive with a set of project goals that can usually be achieved within three months or less. Time extensions are negotiable. Subsequently, educational research, development, or study activities will be formulated to address each project goal. Each fellowship project is supervised by one or more DME faculty who, as an advisor(s) offers his or her educational expertise and guidance.

Four selection criteria exist for the Short-Term Fellowship Program:

  1. Participation in the program is restricted to health professionals who have, or expect to have, major educational responsibilities (e.g., administration, evaluation, instruction) at an educational institution, professional association, or related setting.
  2. Candidates must clearly describe the nature and scope of the educational problem that will form the basis for their Fellowship experience.
  3. Candidates are expected to have career goals that emphasize some aspect of health professions education.
  4. Candidates are expected to present evidence of proficiency in English.

Admission to the Short-Term Fellowship Program is possible throughout the calendar year. Candidates will be notified about the admission decision within one month of the date of receipt of their application materials. The fee for a Short Term Fellowship is $2500 per month.