Department of Medical Education Faculty Development

Professional Development/ Certificate Programs

DME offers short courses designed to meet the professional development needs of health professions educators. The certificate for these programs is not transcripted, so it does not provide university credits and does not provide any kind of “certification”.

Professional Development and Certificate Programs for Standardized Patient Educators

The programs provide the knowledge and skills to create compelling educational programs using standardized patients (SPs), alone and in combination with other Simulation modalities. Designed for simulation educators in the health professions. To learn more…

Faculty Development

Faculty development programs and activities provided by the Department of Medical Education include workshops, seminars, and longitudinal programs. We also provide peer observation and feedback. In each of these activities, we use collaborative learning exercises and reflective practice to build the knowledge and skills that faculty need to be effective in their various teaching and educational roles.

Scholars for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship

The Faculty Fellowship is a program for faculty who are interested in developing their capabilities as teachers and education program leaders.  The Fellowship consists of two sessions – instruction in health professions education and applied curriculum development and evaluation in health professions education. 

Through participation in the Fellowship, participants develop competence in:

  • Creating a learning climate in which learning is facilitated.
  • Using a deliberate, thoughtful approach to instructional design and curriculum development.
  • Communicating expectations, goals, and information in ways that stimulate and engage learners and teachers.
  • Tailoring communication and educational strategies to optimize learning, based on the learning context and learners’ needs.
  • Utilizing health professions education resources to advocate for learners and teachers, to coordinate teaching endeavors, and to optimize learning environments.

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“Cake and Chat”

Cake and Chat is a forum for participants to reflect on their teaching experiences in collaboration with their peers.  We meet online monthly for an hour to discuss specific teaching encounters.  Participants have chosen to present teaching encounters they would like to reflect on or that they would like advice about.  We frame our reflection and discussion using Maryellen Weimer’s principles of learner-centered teaching.  Cake and Chat is an opportunity to join a conversation with alumni of the Scholars for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship.  To be invited to Cake and Chat, email Janet Riddle


We offer the following workshops:

  • Team-Based Learning 101:  This workshop introduces participants to Team-Based Learning from the preparatory materials through the readiness assurance process to the application exercise.  This workshop provides the foundation for learning to facilitate TBL sessions to preparing a TBL module.  To schedule this workshop, contact Amy Lin

Online Coaching Program 

Coming soon!


To discuss your faculty development needs and how we can help, please mail Janet Riddle