Certificate Program for Clinical Teachers


The Certificate Program for Clinical Teachers has been designed to enhance the instructional skills of clinical teachers. Building on best practices from the literature and their own teaching experience, participants will develop practical skills for teaching learners across a variety of clinical settings.

At the conclusion of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Design and implement instruction that facilitates learning
  • Demonstrate skills of effective teaching in one-on-one settings, through the use of simulation, and in small and large groups
  • Demonstrate skills in providing effective feedback to learners
  • Determine learner readiness for promotion
  • Identify, describe, and manage learners in difficulty
  • Demonstrate skills in providing effective feedback to peers about their teaching
  • Recognize and take advantage of career development opportunities through the scholarship of teaching


The program consists of one week-long session (Monday-Friday) and one three-day follow-up session (Thursday-Saturday) in an all-day intensive format, thereby enabling participants to maintain their busy professional schedules while gaining valued skills and experience through intensive collaborative learning activities.

Sample schedule:

Week 1:

Morning: Characteristics of Effective Clinical Teachers
Morning: One-on-One Teaching
Morning:Teaching Clinical Skills and Procedures Using Simulation
Morning: Teaching in Small Groups
Morning: Teaching in Large Groups
Afternoon: Giving Effective Feedback to Peers
Afternoon: Giving Effective Feedback to Learners
Afternoon: Designing Learning Activities Using Simulations
Afternoon: Demonstration of Small Group Teaching
Afternoon: Synthesis and Introduction of Interstitial Project

 Week 2:

Morning: Interstitial Project Presentations
Morning: Assessing Learner Progress
Morning: Synthesis: Teaching as Scholarship
Afternoon: Reflection on Lessons Learned About Effective Clinical Teaching
Afternoon: Learner in Difficulty


If you would be interested in having this program offered to a group on-site at your institution, please contact Janet Riddle (jriddle@uic.edu) for more details.


For more information about this program, please contact Dr. Janet Riddle (jriddle@uic.edu).

Please note:
This program is intended as a professional development program to increase educational knowledge and skills. The certificate for this program is not transcripted, so it does not provide university credits and does not provide any kind of “certification”.