Shan Siddiqi

Resident – Family Medicine University of Illinois College of Medicine Family Medicine Residency
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I was born in Toronto, Canada, the most multicultural city in the world. From a young age, Toronto’s cultural diversity shaped my mind. I believe that growing up around so many different types of people and cultures cultivated my curiosity and enthusiasm about humanity and I was naturally inclined towards a career in Medicine. At the core of my desire to become a physician is the fascination and passion for working with people.


I went into medicine to build relationships and not only is Family Medicine the best specialty to do so but also, in my opinion is the foundation of healthcare. Family Medicine will be at the forefront of healthier and more well supported generations and the starting point for change in the sick based model of our current care structure. Family Medicine is unique in the sense that the patient is approached as a whole rather than an organ system or a disease. Managing a patient’s care across multiple specialties is a unique privilege and a stimulating challenge.


When I’m not taking care of patients, growing as a physician or scheming about how to improve our healthcare system I am jamming out on my guitar, playing call of duty, playing basketball or watching Netflix with my partner. 

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