Primary Care for Adults & Children (PCAC)

Many of you have been fortunate enough to “discover” MedPeds by working with talented residents or faculty from our discipline.  My route here was guided by a compassionate, funny MedPeds intern whom I met during my third-year Pediatrics clerkship, as well as a MedPeds trained faculty (also the program director at the time), who later became a mentor and remains my friend.

Over the past decade of interviewing MedPeds residency candidates, I’ve observed some commonalities among those attracted to our specialty:

  • We each inspire to be the “jack of all trades”
  • We crave for depth as well as breadth of training
  • We love the diversity of human experience and the intellectual challenge of caring for patients across the life span, from the beginning to the end of the journey
  • We value and honor the connection between doctor and patient
  • We recognize that well-placed humor is therapeutic for patient and doctors alike

At UIC MedPeds, we are fortunate to attract physicians who personify these traits, and who make teaching a joy.  As a focal point for our program, the combined clinic is where residents truly come together as a group to hone their adult and pediatric ambulatory skills.  Residents and faculty work closely to mentor and teach one another, celebrate, commiserate, challenge, and support each other.  The clinic mirrors the overall UIC experience in providing an excellent balance of autonomy, and supervision by attending faculty. We have a steady influx of patients from hospital discharges, newborn nursery, our ER, and from the graduating PGY-4’s.  A number of these patients have been with us for nearly two decades!  We welcome your visit to UIC, to see what keeps bringing them back.

Leslie Jabine, MD, FAAP
Attending Physician, PCAC & Adults with Childhood Cancer Survivor Clinic