Page updated 8/5/2022 – please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Application Process: All application submissions to our program must be via ERAS. We select all incoming interns via the Match.

Number and types of letters of recommendations: We request you submit 3-4 letters of recommendation. Ideally, at least 2 of the letters should comment on your clinical skills and be from some combination of medicine, pediatric, and/or MedPeds rotation experiences. The remaining letters may be from additional clinical experiences or from faculty who have worked closely with you in the areas of community service, public health, global health, research, medical education, or other extracurricular activities. We do not require department letters. We do understand that not all letters of recommendation will be available once ERAS opens, but we do desire to have at least 2 letters available at the time of our application review.

Application review/invite timeline: We will begin reviewing applications within 1-2 weeks of ERAS opening to programs and have a tentative plan to start sending interview invitations by early to mid-October. We send invitations in batches to ensure interview availability for interested applicants. Interviews will take place tentatively starting the last week of October through mid-January. If you have not received an invitation to interview by November and have a strong interest in our program, you may reach out to us to request that we reconsider your application.

Approach to Step 1: We accept both COMLEX and USMLE scores. We do not have a specific Step 1 score cut-off, but we prioritize applicants who pass Step I on their initial attempt.

Approach to Step 2: We accept both COMLEX and USMLE scores. We do not have a specific Step 2 CK score cut-off, but we prioritize applicants who pass Step 2 CK on their initial attempt.

Post-Interview Communication Policy: We do plan to solicit anonymous survey feedback regarding our interview process. This will serve solely as formative feedback for us to improve our applicant engagement and residency program. We also will address any specific questions an applicant may have about our program that may arise after the interview. Otherwise, unless we have specific questions, we generally discourage, will not initiate, and do not expect any communication post-interview.