UIC-COM M1 Essentials of Clinical Medicine: ECM1-2

  • Hypothesis-Drive Physical Exam
  • Gross Anatomy Physical Exam (PE) Workshop
  • History Interview Assessment
  • Physical Exam Plenary
  • Practice History Workshop
  • Sensitive History Taking Workshop
  • Vital Signs Physical Exam Workshop

UIC-COM M2 Essentials of Clinical Medicine: ECM3-4

  • Abdominal Physical Exam Workshop
  • Breast Physical Exam Workshop
  • Cardiac Physical Exam Workshop
  • Core Physical Exam Practice Workshop
  • Dermatology Physical Exam Workshop (new in 2015)
  • Focused History/Physical Exam Workshop
  • Lung and Thoracic Physical Exam Workshop
  • Male G/R Physical Exam Workshop
  • Musculoskeletal Physical Exam Workshop
  • Neuro Physical Exam Workshop
  • Ophthalmic Physical Exam Workshop
  • Pelvic Physical Exam Workshop
  • Core Physical Exam Assessment
  • Communication Workshop (new in 2015)
  • Communication Assessment
  • Complete History Workshop
  • Domestic Violence Workshop
  • Giving Bad News Workshop
  • Lifestyle Modification Workshop (new in 2015)
  • Mental Status Workshop


  • Transition to Clerkships
  • Connection to Clerkships Essentials of Clinical Practice and Professionalism (ECP&P)
  • Graduation Competency Exam – Procedure Skills
  • Graduation Competency Exam – SP Encounters
  • UIUC (Urbana campus) Graduation Competency Exam – SP Encounters
  • Internal Medicine Clerkship Workshop
  • Pediatric Clerkship Simulation Workshop
  • Psychiatric Clerkship Assessment
  • Surgery Clerkship Assessment


  • Anesthesia Clerkship Procedure Skills Workshop
  • Anesthesia Clerkship Simulation Workshop
  • Essentials of Clinical Practice and Professionalism (ECP&P) II – Simulation
  • ECP&P II – Standardized patient
  • Emergency Medicine Clerkship Workshop
  • Medical Spanish Workshop
  • International Elective Students Orientation Workshop

UIC-COM Residency Programs:

  • Department of Anesthesia
    • Mannequin-Based Simulation Programs
  • Department of Emergency Medicine
    • Skills Assessment
    • Practice Exams
    • Conference Workshops
    • Technical Simulation
    • Milestone Assessment
  • Department of Internal Medicine
    • Communication Skills Assessment
    • ACLS Review Workshop
  • New Residents – Procedural Skills Assessment
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Communication Skills Assessment
  • Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Workshop
  • Department of Pediatrics
    • Communication Skills Assessment
    • Procedure Skills Workshop
    • Mannequin Workshop
  • Department of Surgery
    • Communication Skills Assessment

UIC College of Nursing

  • BSN Simulation Workshop
  • Male Genitourinary Exam Workshop
  • Family Practice Nurse Practitioner H&P Workshop
  • Acute Care Nurse Practitioner H&P Workshop
  • Pelvic Exam Workshop

UIC College of Dentistry

  • In-class History Taking Practice Scenarios
  • Faculty Conference

UIC College of Pharmacy

  • History Workshop
  • Patient-Centered Care Workshop

Other UIC Projects

  • Department of Occupational Therapy
  • Biomedical Visualization Group Workshop
  • COM Rockford – Breast and Pelvic Exam Workshop
  • CON Rockford – Male G/U Exam Workshop
  • CON Rockford – Pelvic Exam Workshop

Masters in Health Professions Education

  • Sessions on the use of simulation-based activities to promote the instruction and assessment of clinical skills for the health professions
  • One-week elective in Teaching and Testing with Standardized Patients

Masters in Patient Safety Leadership

  • Full Disclosure Workshop
  • Demonstration of simulation-based activities to promote patient safety

External Clients

  • Advocate Chaplaincy Project (new in 2015)
  • HRET – Health Research and Educational Trust (new in 2015)
  • Journey Care Hospice Group
  • Lewis University – Male/Female Exam Workshop
  • Mt Sinai Resident Communication Assessment
  • Norwegian American Hospital Central Line Insertion Workshop
  • St. Anthony University Male G/U Exam Workshop
  • St. Anthony University Breast/Pelvic Exam Workshop


  • Department of Ear Nose and Throat – Cricothyroidotomy Research Project (new in 2015)
  • Distance Education Telemedicine (new in 2015)
  • Hernandez Melanoma Detection

UIC Hospital and Health Sciences System

  • Central Venous catheter Workshop
  • Code Team In-Situ Simulation
  • Ebola Screening Workshop (new in 2015)
  • Emergency Medicine In-Situ Simulation
  • Family Medicine Injections Workshop (new in 2015)
  • Global Health Workshop (new in 2015)
  • Inter-professional Surgery Suite In-Situ Simulation
  • Moderate Sedation Simulation Scenarios
  • Outpatient In Vitro Clinic In-Situ Simulation

GCPC Professional Development Programs

  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support – Heart-code Certification Course
  • Debriefing Workshop
  • Certificate Program in Standardized Patient Based Education


  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN)