Welcome to the UIC Gibson City Rural Training Track!

UIC Gibson City RTT is a 3 year Family Medicine Residency program committed to training Family Medicine physicians that are equipped to serve the needs of their future rural communities.

R1 year training is 100% in Chicago at University of Illinois Hospital. UIC is the only Family Medicine program in Chicago that admits to an academic hospital. Residents receive robust training in inpatient medicine.

During R2 year, residents begin their training in Gibson City, IL at Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services (GAHHS), a critical access hospital. This central IL location also serves the region with medical clinics in 9 area communities. The timing and length of training is flexible depending on resident’s personal needs and training goals. Training in Gibson City is exceptional.

100% unopposed: There are no competing programs at GAHHS and GAHHS is not reliant on resident labor. This allows Rural Track residents to tailor their education to their specific career goals in an apprenticeship type model. Strong OB training including surgical obstetrics: Only FM physicians deliver at GAHHS, including operative deliveries. Rural Track residents work 1:1 with FM-OBs.

Dedicated Addiction Medicine clinic: Residents learn how to treat Substance Use Disorders in Chicago and Gibson City and see how this crisis affects urban and rural communities. Residents rotate longitudinally with a FM/Addiction Medicine physician in Iroquois County, one of the areas of Illinois hardest hit by the opioid epidemic. Residents learn how to prescribe all three FDA approved treatments for Medication Assisted Recovery – buprenorphine, methadone, and injectable naltrexone.

Strong procedural training: Residents work 1:1 with General Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Interventional Radiologist, and Anesthesiologists. They have the opportunity to learn colonoscopy, endoscopy, intubation, and more depending on where and how they want to practice after graduation.

Letter from Kate Pierson, R2:

Dear Rural Pathway Applicant,

Greetings from snow-covered Gibson City where I’ve just come out of a Csection with Dr B.Ray. Some vignettes that will give you a taste of life down here in Gibson.

Last week, Dr. Dakis and I had two complex OB cases: one patient had preeclampsia with severe features, and we managed her with magnesium and IV labetalol. We eventually took her to C-section and I was able to assist. The other had preeclampsia without severe features but developed choreoamnionitis as well as post-partum hemorrhage. We moved quickly and stabilized her. Both babies were born healthy with great Apgar Scores. The totally unopposed nature of the program has given me the chance to really step up my learning and my procedural skills.

In Family Med clinic I’ve had well-child visits, prenatal care, acute care, COVID-care, substance use, and gender-affirming care. After clinic on my first week, Dr. Reese invited me for dinner with his wife and kids. For lunch last week, Dr Hagan invited me to the Lions Club. I met local business owners, including a few soy and corn farmers. They were genuinely interested in the Rural Path.

In Surgery clinic I happened to mention my interest in Emergency care and learning to intubate. Dr Ye picked up the phone, called Anesthesia, and the next AM I was learning intubation in our OR. In all these settings, hospital and clinic staff have welcomed me warmly.

In my downtime I’ve been able to jog safely around town and explore a local brewery. There are two horses in a pasture at the corner of the street by the hospital. I can’t say enough about this experience. It is truly unique.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Kate Pierson, MD

Family Medicine – Rural Path, R2