Membership of UIPG: Full time, Part-Time/Affiliates

Full Members of the MSP: Full Members shall be all full-time faculty who must, upon acceptance of such appointment, be bound by the terms of the MSP By-Laws. Full-time Faculty means a position on the faculty of the College as a full-time employee (1.0 FTE) of the University of Illinois, and/or an affiliated Veterans Administration Medical Center, or as a full-time employee of the University and any hospital with which the College has an agreement stating that such employees shall be members of the faculty and MSP of the College.

Associate Members of MSP are persons who do not meet the criteria for Fulltime Faculty set forth in Article II, Section L of the MSP By-Laws but who receive compensation from and render professional services through the University at a level of 50% or greater appointment. Associate Members are bound by the terms and conditions of these By-Laws.

Affiliate Members of the MSP: are faculty who are less than 50% appointment.

Full Members and Associate Members shall have full voting privileges.

UI health system leadership means the senior executives charged with managing the clinical enterprise in Chicago, and which currently includes the UIC Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, the CEO of the UI Hospital, and the Dean of the College of Medicine.