“YAP Limits Endothelial Activation” by Yang Lv, MD, is a Featured 1 st Author in the Journal, Circulation Research

Dr. Yang Lv, is a featured first author of her article entitled, “YAP Controls Endothelial Activation and Vascular Inflammation Through TRAF6” in the June 22, 2018 issue of Circulation Research. Dr. Lv is a visiting scholar from China who has been working in Dr. Guochang Hu’s laboratory since 2015, and is studying the molecular mechanisms of endothelial activation and vascular inflammation during sepsis. Please click below for the article.

YAP Controls Endothelial Activation And Vascular Inflammation Through TRAF6

Meet the First Authors

Douglas Feinstein, PhD, Shares His Expertise in Press Releases by USA Today, Scientific American, Newsweek & Medscape

Doug FeinsteinDouglas Feinstein, PhD, is featured in the USA Today article entitled, “FDA issues warning after synthetic marijuana tainted with rat poison sickens hundreds” in which he discusses the effects of brodifacoum, or BDF, an ingredient found in the current wave of people suffering from uncontrolled bleeding. He also discusses in the Scientific American article entitled, The Spice of Death: The Science behind Tainted “Synthetic Marijuana” Please click below for the articles.

Synthetic Cannabinoid Crisis-USA Today

Synthetic Cannabinoid Crisis-Scientific American

Dr. Feinstein also weighs in on the effects of alcohol & Alzheimer’s in the Newsweek article entitled, “Drinking Alcohol Could Disrupt Cells That Help Prevent Alzheimer’s, Study Suggests” & the Medscape article entitled, “Alcohol’s Influence on Alzheimer’s Risk Explained?” Please click below for the articles.

Alcohol & Alzheimer’s-Newsweek

Alcohol & Alzheimer’s-Medscape