New Ophthalmic Clinical Trials & Translational Center Provides Dedicated Support Services

Clinical Trial Coordinator Roxana NgWe are very pleased to announce the recent opening of our new Ophthalmic Clinical Trials and Translational Center (OCTTC).  The OCTTC offers a new model for dedicated clinical trial support services which provides personalized clinical trial patient care, cutting-edge equipment and ophthalmic lanes, and a platform for clinicians to launch new trials and studies.  Under the direction of Joelle Hallak, PhD, assistant professor of ophthalmology, the OCTTC streamlines research operations and enhances the performance of clinical trials to provide patients diagnosed with the most difficult and complex ophthalmic diseases an opportunity for new promising treatments.

One clinical trial coordinator (CTC) is assigned to each trial or study.  The CTC is responsible for running the day-to-day research services which include: (i) budget and contract negotiations; (ii) IRB preparation and submission; (iii) coverage analysis; (iv) patient recruitment strategies, examinations and data collection; (v) intellectual property and commercialization consulting, and (vi) regulatory and oversight support to first in human studies.  Prior to each patient visit the CTC works with clinical staff and investigators to schedule necessary clinical procedures; and during the study visit, the CTC accompanies the patient throughout his or her time in the clinic while ensuring study protocol requirements are met.  This enhanced standard of care allows for a higher quality patient experience and also increases the attention to detail and compliance, which are critical to study results.

From the onset of a clinical trial to the close out and data analysis, the OCTTC provides investigators with professional level support.  This is especially critical for investigator initiated studies.  New treatments and medical devices are developed in the laboratory and clinics before obtaining sponsorship. The OCTTC provides the framework and personnel to support these initial investigations.

With its high level of dedicated services, the OCTTC provides an environment for innovation, encouraging clinical and translational scientists in their quest to provide the very best treatment options available for patients suffering from the most serious eye diseases.

For more information please visit the OCTTC website

Ophthalmic Clinical Trials & Translational Center