Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Medical Center

Administrative Process:

NOTE:  JBVA forms processing was completed at M1 Orientation and are not required to be re-submitted.

Required Release Form

Students scheduled at the VA have special requirements:

  • VA Packet Forms (completion required*)
  • VA Packet Instructions (read these)

*Note:  Students with an expired VA ID badge may extend their authorization by submitting this one-page WOC Agreement where they have written-in their expected graduation year on line two of the first paragraph.

All medical students must complete theVA Form Packet six weeks prior to your rotation with the VA.

    •  the WOC (Without Compensation) Packet;
    • the Special Agreement Check (SAC) and
    • the Declaration for Federal Employment

You must also provide a copy of

    • your US Passport or drivers license or state ID;
    • a copy of your birth certificate or Social Security card or voter registration must also be included with the packet.
      If foreign born but is a US citizen, student is required to include a copy of their US Passport or a copy of their Naturalization certificate. If a non-citizen, student is required to include a copy of their Visa info, etc. to include any other documents that give them authority to be in the US as a studentOnline SF-85 (e-QIP)
      All students scheduled at the VA must complete an online SF-85 (e-QIP) and meet with a Human Resources staff member at Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Medical Center before reporting to the scheduled clinical activity there:After you received notification that your WOC appointment has been approved, here are the administrative procedures that you should follow:

      •  WOC appointments that are over six months will need to complete an online SF-85 (e-QIP), which can be accessed through the following website: this link can be accessed on any computer with internet. Human Resources is no longer accepting handwritten investigations (SF-85), all must be done electronically.   Once you have completed the questionnaire online, you will be given the opportunity to print an archival copy for the record and two (2) signature pages.  You will need to bring these signature pages with  you for processing.
      • Please make sure that you read the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) brochure brochure attached with your approval notification to complete the security investigation on-line within 3 days business days of receiving this e-mail.  If not completed within 45 days period your access will be suspended with e-quip.  In the brochure, you will find detailed instructions on how to access this program.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
      • Appointment with Human Resources Office  – An  appointment is mandated for your administrative process in Human Resources staff.   Please do not just show up without calling first.    Please contact the Human Resources office at Jesse Brown Veterans Administrative Medical Center  x 569-7184 to schedule a date(s) to process this appointment.  WOC appointment(s) are not effective, ID cards will not be issued, and computer access will not be granted until the WOC appointee(s) have processed through Human Resources.