Information about Transcript Notations

Below is important information, beginning with the class of 2010, regarding UI COM Student Academic Promotions Policies concerning grades and transcripts.

In 2006, a new policy was implemented that is consistent with the AAMC guidelines for “transparency” of medical school transcripts. For medical students, this means that make-up examinations and remedial efforts to satisfactorily complete a course/discipline or core clerkship will be noted on the transcripts, for both the College and University. Because the policy was instituted in 2006, the first year this change will appear on the transcript is for the academic year of 2006-2007. Thus for members of the class of 2010 and beyond, the first time make-ups will be noted beginning with their M1 year. For subsequent classes, these notations will appear throughout their transcripts, where applicable.

If a make-up exam is required to pass a course/discipline, then the “S” final grade will appear with a notation next to it stating that the course was passed satisfactorily after a make-up examination. For core clerkships, there will be a notation stating that the clerkship was passed after make-up clerkship examination. A failed make-up examination for either the course/discipline or Core Clerkship will result in a failing grade of “U”, Unsatisfactory, which will remain permanently on the record.

These policies can be found here.

If you should have additional questions regarding this, they may be directed to the Student Affairs Office or the COM Registrar’s Office.