Licensure Form Procedures for Impending Graduates

For those students who matched in the State of Illinois, for your first year, you will receive an ED_MED form, for verification of Medicine Education.  In lieu of this form, the COM Registrar’s Office submits a list of graduates directly to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR), so you do not need to submit your form to the COM Registrar’s Office.  The ED-NON and AF-MED forms, also, do not have to be completed.

For those who students who matched outside the State of Illinois, you will receive a from the state licensure board requesting official certification or verification of your graduation.  Submit your state forms to the COM Registrar’s Office, in room 105 CMW, to be completed. We will send the completed forms directly to the state licensure boards for you.

Students who matched at a PGY-2 residency program, which is different that their PGY-1 program, should contact their PGY-1 program for temporary licensure information.