Special Hooding Ceremony

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University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

Special Hooding Ceremony
Class of 2018

Date:           Friday, May 11th 2018 at 10:00 am

Location:    M.M. Thompson Rooms on the second floor of Student Center West (on the corner of Wolcott and Polk Streets.)

Registration is REQUIRED: Use this registration form to identify your hooders and total number in your party.  Students must send this survey before 4:00pm Friday, April 20th.  The survey closes automatically at that time and event planning will rely on information from those who have complied with the registration deadline.  Please communicate your invitations and plans now and register before this deadline.

The Special Hooding Ceremony, held at 10:00 am on the morning of Graduation Day, is an optional event that provides the opportunity for MD and PhD candidates to be hooded by a family member or special faculty member who holds an MD, a PhD, PharmD, DDS or a comparable professional terminal degree such as JD.  Participation in this ceremony is an optional  supplement to the College’s main Commencement Ceremony which begins at 2:00 that afternoon.

Attendance at the Special Hooding Ceremony is open to the graduate’s family and friends.  The graduates wear their cap and gown, specialty stole and any honors cords or medallions (do not forget to bring the hood).  Faculty members who are special hooders can either wear their own cap and gown or business attire.  Special hooders who are friends and family members should wear business attire.

Graduates and hooders should arrive at Student Center West by 9:30 am to line up and receive instructions prior to the ceremony.  Doors open at 9:15 a.m.  Guest seating is open and is first come, first served.  The Student Center West is fully wheelchair accessible.  If you have a family member who needs special accommodations, please contact Alexa Richmond at arich34@uic.edu  or by phone at (312) 996-2450.

The requirements for Special Hooders are:

  • The mother, father, spouse, partner, sibling, grandparent, in-law, fiancée, or other significant relative of the graduate who holds an MD or PhD.
  • A faculty member who has been a significant mentor or role model for the graduate and who holds an MD or PhD.
  • PhD candidates who participate at the Special Hooding Ceremony should be hooded by a family member.  Their faculty mentor hoods them at the regular Commencement ceremony.
  • Up to two family members may participate in the ceremony if each holds an MD or PhD.

Questions about the Special Hooding Ceremony can be directed to Alexa Richmond at arich34@uic.edu,

College of Medicine Commencement Ceremony

The College of Medicine’s Commencement Ceremony begins at 2:00 pm on May 11th at the UIC Pavilion.  Graduates should arrive at the Pavilion by 1:15 pm.  There is unlimited seating at the Pavilion for your guests.  At the Commencement Ceremony, all graduates are hooded on stage by one faculty member chosen for this honor by members of the graduating class.  The hooder will be assisted by Senior Associate Dean of Students, Kathleen Kashima. Special hooders who are also UIC faculty members are invited to attend the 2:00 pm Commencement Ceremony and sit in the faculty section of the audience.  Such faculty members must provide their own academic apparel.

Questions about the Commencement Ceremony should be directed to Mark Urosev, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, (312) 413-0372, urosev@uic.edu.