The University of Illinois Hospital Department of Radiology is proud to announce that Dr. Anil Rao has been named a fellow of the American College of Radiology (ACR)! Dr. Anil Rao has proved his commitment to both his patients and improving the human condition through his tireless research efforts and passing on what he has learned to his residents. With an impressive list of prior fellowships to his name, including fellowships in diagnostic radiology, pediatric radiology, and abdominal imaging, any resident would be fortunate to learn under him. Here at the Department of Radiology for UI Health, Dr. Rao strives to represent the ACR through his excellent work ethic and devotion to lifelong learning through clinical research.

The American College of Radiology is a far-reaching organization, founded in 1923, that works to advance the field of radiology through research and advocacy. The ACR acts as the voice for its members in matters of legislation and regulation in the field of radiology. Representing more than 40,000 practicing physicians, the organization keeps its members well-connected through its professional network and monthly news publications.

The ACR only bestows the title of fellow upon members who exemplify the highest echelons of academia and teaching within the field of radiology. Not only must applicants for fellowship have made significant contributions to the ACR at the chapter or national level, but they must also be recognized to be among the best of the best when it comes to teaching students and residents about the field of radiology and its practice. Furthermore, applicants must demonstrate their commitment to creating knowledge and striving to advance the field through significant research contributions to the ever-growing body of literature in diagnostic radiology.

Of all candidates that were considered for fellowship, none are more deserving than Dr. Rao , and we would once again like to congratulate him on receiving this recognition and provide a show of support for all of his future endeavors with the Department of Radiology!