Recent UIC OBGYN Graduates


Rebecca Commito Generalist at Erie Family Health Centers – Chicago, IL
Arielle Grand Generalist at Heritage Medical Associates – Nashville, TN
Carly Kruse Generalist at Crusader Community Health – Rockford IL
Nicole Lugo Santiago Gynecologic Oncology Fellow at City of Hope – Los Angeles, California
Jessica Morgan Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow at the University of Chicago/North Shore – Chicago, IL
James Morong Career Medical Officer at Western Sydney Local Health District – Sydney, Australia
Joanna Ryan Generalist at Northwestern Specialists for Women – Chicago, IL


Sarah Atkinson Academic Practice – Oak Lawn, IL
Nicole Betenia Private Practice/FQHC – Chicago, IL
Katherine Cotangco Translational Research
Yue “Cameron” Guan Acclaim Physician Group – Fort Worth, TX
Joanna Izewski Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship – Indiana University
Jessica Siegler Franciscan Physician Network Womens Special Center – Hammond, IN
Anna Whelan Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship – Brown


Gabriela Aguilar Family Planning Fellowship – Yale
Julia Coffey Private Practice – Minneapolis, MN
Kristen Crittle Academic Practice – Chicago, IL
Cara Delaney Family Planning Fellowship – Boston University
Stephanie Frazin Family Planning Fellowship – University of California, San Francisco
Jessica George Women’s Global Health Fellowship – University of Illinois at Chicago
Lauren Pinkard Academic Practice – Oak Lawn, IL


Alexis Braverman Academic Practice – Chicago, IL
Elizabeth Corey Academic Practice – Indianapolis, IL
Shirley Cueva Private Practice/FQHC – Chicago, IL
Carolyn Davis Academic Practice – Chicago, IL
Melanie DelBcarro Academic Practice – Chicago, IL
Paul Kuder Academic Practice – Chicago, IL


Kristen Feist Academic Practice – Minnesota
Fatima Guzman-Gawel Private Practice – FL
Rachel Harrison Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship – Medical College of Wisconsin
Kristina Pontarelli Private Practice/FQHC – Chicago, IL
Sophia Rodriguez Academic Practice – Oak Lawn, IL
Pooja Sheth Private Practice- Chicago, IL
Alyssa Small-Layne Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship – UNLV


Jimena Alvarez Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship – Chicago
Rachel Baskin Academic Practice – Chicago, IL
Valerie Jennings Private Practice – Urbana, IL
Laura Laursen Family Planning Fellowship – University of Chicago
Julianne Morton Academic Practice – Chicago, IL
Katrina Porter Private Practice – Hinsdale, IL


Ann Dude Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship – Northwestern University
Margaret Enadeghe Academic Practice – Minnesota
Sara Folit-Weinberg Private Practice
Robin Kindred Private Practice – Texas
Tashera Perry Private Practice – Indiana
Tanya Rubinstein Private Practice- Oregon
Nashira Sey Private Practice- Chicago, IL
Bethany Stetson Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship – The Ohio State University