Preview – learning objectives and experiences

3 Main Services

Labor and Delivery
Gyn Surgery/Laparoscopy
Ambulatory OB and Gyn

Weekly Student Feedback meetings:

Learning strategies


A Few Career Considerations

What to pay attention to, besides the work, during pre- clinical years and your early clinical exposures
Know yourself:

  • What issues in health and sociology do you care about?
  • What do you like to read about?
    • 1st year: organs and physiology
    • 2nd year: CPP
  • What are you most comfortable doing?
  • What do you really want to be good at?
  • What do you really like to do best?
    • 3rd year: in what environment to you thrive – OR, ambulatory, labor and delivery?
  • What are you least interested in?
  • What are you really good or really bad at?
    • (Does matter because if you can do more work faster and better – life can be easier)