NeuroRepository Facilities

UINR Neuropath Conference

UI Neurorepository Neuropath Conference

The UINR will be located within the Neuropsychiatric Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago. A new facility is being built to provide investigators with access to the latest technology, resources, and research.

The UINR Biorepository is part of the UI Health System Biorepository. The UI Health System Biorepository acquires, stores, catalogues, and provides tissue and other biological samples for investigators at the University of Illinois. It was established in 2012 as a resource in the UI Hospital and Health Sciences System in collaboration with the Research Resources Center to augment clinical and translational research at UIC and improve the treatment and health of individuals from Chicago, Illinois, and beyond. The UI Health System Biorepository aims to comply with the most current Best Practices for Biorepositories as recommended by the ISBER (ISBER Best Practices for Repositories: Third Edition).

UINR Floorplan UI NeuroRepository Floorplan