Welcome To The University of Illinois Brain Tumor Center!

Brain Tumor Scan- University of Illinois Brain Tumor CenterOur Services:

We offer a patient-centered approach to care at the University of Illinois Brain Tumor Center, providing care for persons with all types of tumors that affect the brain or spinal cord. We also offer care for persons with neurologic complications of cancer or its treatment. Because no two people have the same needs, our highly specialized team provides individualized services. Care is delivered in a compassionate, family-focused environment with the highest quality of care, education and support as our primary goals. Our advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities offer innovative services that allow us to rapidly apply research findings into our clinical practice.

Our Team:

Dr. M. Kelly Nicholas

Dr. Kelly Nicholas

M. Kelly Nicholas, MD, PhD, takes a holistic approach in caring for his patients . He believes the way to improve patient outcomes is to understand the biology of the disease process and incorporate new findings to develop effective treatments. He has extensive clinical experience and is board-certified in neurology and neuro-oncology.
Dr. Nicholas is interested in understanding the complex biology that underlies brain tumor development. He collaborates with basic scientists on a variety of projects. His principal research contribution lies in examining the effects of new treatments on people with brain tumors.

Jean Arzbaecher- Brain Tumor Nurse- UIC Brain Cancer Center

Jean Arzbaecher

Jean Arzbaecher RN, MS, is an advanced practice nurse who coordinates clinical care for our patients. She has extensive experience in caring for persons with brain tumors, leads a brain tumor support group, and is often a featured speaker at local and national advocacy conferences.

UIC Brain Tumor Clinic Approach to Treatment

The UIC Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Brain Tumor Center specializes in the treatment and support of patients who suffer from a wide array of brain tumors. M. Kelly Nicholas, MD, PhD, is the service director of neuro-oncology in the Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation at UIC. He works as a member of a multidisciplinary team to provide expert care to people living with brain tumors and to those experiencing neurological side effects of cancer treatment. He oversees a number of clinical trials in an effort to improve the lives of those he serves.

Brain Tumor Clinic Specialties:

  • Primary and metastatic brain tumors
  • Neurological complications of cancer treatment
  • Paraneoplastic syndromes

Our Partnerships:

We work closely with our colleagues in neurosurgery, radiation oncology, and neuropsychology to provide multidisciplinary care. These specialists meet weekly to review and revise patient treatment plans. Nurses, technicians, residents, and fellows also provide valuable contributions to care.

Clinical Trials:

Standard of care treatments exist for every tumor type, but options can be limited. For this reason, clinical trials are an essential component of care. To learn more about brain tumor clinical trials offered at the University of Illinois, call Jean Arzbaecher at (312)-996-3369 or send an email to: jeana@uic.edu or review these links:

Clinical trials at NIH: http://clinicaltrials.gov/

Additional information for cancer support groups and general oncology wellness may be found in the links below:

Mokena/Homewood Support Group
Cancer Support Center (south suburbs): http://cancersupportcenter.org/
Cancer Wellness House (western suburbs): http://www.wellnesshouse.org/
Cancer Wellness Center (north suburbs): http://cancerwellness.org/
American Cancer Society: http://www.cancer.org/
American Brain Tumor Association: http://www.abta.org/
National Brain Tumor Foundation: http://www.braintumor.org/

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Contact the Brain Tumor Center directly at: (312)-996-3369 or email: jeana@uic.edu.