Telephone Support

  • On Campus Phone:  5-2949
  • Off Campus Toll-free Phone:  877-363-6656

Email Support

Live Remote Support

To request a live remote support session with a member of the DME Distance Education staff please click the link below and submit a request form:


If you have a current UIC Net ID and email account, you can access the UIC wireless network on campus known as UIC WiFi.  To enable wireless access on your mobile device or laptop, please follow the instructions for your device found below.  Note that if you previously accessed UIC Wireless using Secure W2, you will need to uninstall Secure W2 before configuring your access to UIC WiFi, the new wireless network at UIC.

Instructions for:

Attention Windows Users:  If you have a windows device, you can also run an executable file developed by the staff in Rockford to configure your machine to connect to UIC WiFi.  The file can be found at the following link:

UIC Guest Wireless

If you are visiting the UIC campus and do not have a current UIC Net ID and email account, you may contact the DME Support Staff to request a guest wireless access account.  Please send your request to “” and include your full name, contact information, and a brief description of your need.  Note that guest accounts are only available on a temporary basis.