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Janet Riddle MD

Research Assistant Professor and Director of Faculty Development Department of Medical Education
Work Phone: 312-996-4245
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I have been involved in faculty development in the health professions since completing my Internal Medicine residency. While at Rush University Medical Center, I developed a residents-as-teachers program for the Department of Internal Medicine and co-directed a HRSA-funded faculty development program for clinician-teachers at Cook County Hospital. Since joining the Department of Medical Education at UIC, I have directed teaching skills programs for medical students and resident physicians. I am the director of and primary instructor in a longitudinal faculty development program, the Scholars for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship. My research interests focus on longitudinal faculty development programs as communities of practice. I am currently studying the processes that contribute to learning in these programs, specifically:
  • The contribution of instructional activities, such as screencasts, to learning in longitudinal faculty development programs
  • The contribution of an educational project as a capstone activity to transfer of learning from a longitudinal fellowship program to the workplace community of educational practice
  • Participants’ perceptions of themselves as teachers upon entry into a longitudinal faculty development program
I use qualitative approaches such as semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and analysis of reflective writing. Presentations from my work include:
  • Riddle JM, Blood AD. Thematic analysis of clinical teachers’ experiences of feedback. Association for Medical Education in Europe Annual Meeting, Sep 2, 2014.
  • Riddle JM, Bertulfo P, Ehioba A. A pilot project of screencasts to enhance a longitudinal faculty development fellowship. Association for Medical Education in Europe Annual Meeting, Sep 7, 2015.
  • Riddle JM. Transforming a medical education fellowship program as a flipped classroom. Association of American Medical Colleges 2015 Medical Education Meeting, Nov 12, 2015. (available at
  • Riddle J, Pien L, Clark M. Mapping the Shared Repertoire of a Community of Practice: Citation Analysis of Faculty Development in the Health Professions. Association for Medical Education in Europe Annual Meeting, Aug 29, 2016.

Positions and Employment

1994-1996Instructor, Rush Medical College, Chicago, IL
1996-2004Assistant Professor, Rush Medical College, Chicago, IL
2004-presentResearch Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Education, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, Chicago, IL

Other Experience and Professional Memberships

1991-2014American College of Physicians
1994-2014Society of General Internal Medicine
1995-presentAmerican Academy on Communication in Healthcare
2001-presentAAMC Group on Educational Affairs
2003-2004AAMC GEA Graduate Medical Education Section Resident Teaching Skills Project Leader
2001-2004AAMC CGEA Graduate Medical Education Section Leader
2010-2013AAMC CGEA Member-at-Large
2015-presentAAMC Medical Education Scholarship, Research, and Evaluation Section Communications Director
2005-presentAmerican Educational Research Association


2006-2007AOA Alpha Chapter of Illinois Clinical Teaching Award
2008-2009AOA Alpha Chapter of Illinois Clinical Teaching Award
2011-2012UIC Council on Excellent in Teaching and Learning Teaching Recognition Award
2012Central Group on Educational Affairs Laureates Award

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Dewey CM, Turner TL, Perkowski L, Bailey J, Gruppen LD, Riddle J, Singhal G, Mullan P, Poznanski A, Pillow T, Robins LS, Rougas SC, Horn L, Ghulyan MV, Simpson D. Twelve tips for developing, implementing, and sustaining medical education fellowship programs: Building on new trends and solid foundations. Med Teach. 2016;38:141-149. [PMID: 26398270]
  • Eva KW, Wood TJ, Riddle J, Touchie C, Bordage G. How clinical features are presented matters to weaker diagnosticians. Med Educ. 2010;44:775-785. [PMID: 20633217]
  • Khandelwal S, Bernard AW, Wald DA, Manthey DE, Fisher J, Ankel F, Williams SR, Szyld D, Riddle J, Ericsson KA. Developing and assessing initiatives designed to improve clinical teaching performance. Acad Emerg Med. 2012;19:1350-1353. [PMID: 23216823]
  • Milani BY, Majdi M, Green W, Mehralian A, Moarefi M, Oh FS, Riddle JM, Djalilian AR. The use of peer optic nerve photographs for teaching direct ophthalmoscopy. Ophthalmology. 2013;120:761-765. [PMID: 23246117]
  • Park YS, Lineberry M, Hyderi A, Bordage G, Riddle J, Yudkowsky R. Validity evidence for a patient note scoring rubric based on the new patient note format of the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Acad Med. 2013;88: 1552-1557. [PMID: 23969362]
  • Park YS, Riddle J, Tekian A. Validity evidence of residency competency ratings and the identification of problem residents. Med Educ. 2014;48:614-622. [PMID: 24807437]
  • Smith CA, Hart AS, Sadowski LS, Riddle J, Evans AT, Clarke PM, Ganschow PS, Mason E, Sequeira W, Wang Y. Teaching cardiac examination skills: a controlled trial of two methods. J Gen Intern Med. 2006;21:1-6. [PMID: 16423116]
  • Yudkowsky R, Bordage G, Lowenstein T, Riddle J. Residents anticipating, eliciting and interpreting physical findings. Med Educ. 2006;40:1141-1142. [PMID: 17054645]
  • Yudkowsky R, Otaki J, Lowenstein T, Riddle J, Nishigori H, Bordage G. A hypothesis-driven physical examination learning and assessment procedure for medical students: initial validity evidence. Med Educ 2009;43:729-740. [PMID: 19659486]
  • Yudkowsky R, Park YS, Riddle J, Palladino C, Bordage G. Clinically discriminating checklists versus thoroughness checklists: improving the validity of performance test scores. Acad Med. 2014;89:1057-1062. [PMID: 24685600]

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