Resident Benefits


For Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20), the following annual stipends are granted to each resident based on their PGY level:

PGY1 Residents       $57,012
PGY2 Residents       $59,016
PGY3 Residents       $61,032

Educational benefits

  • $750 educational support (CME funds) available in second and third year
  • Payment of fees for required certification courses including AAFP Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics Provider Course (ALSO), AAP Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), &  AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
  • Access to online medical resources and journals through the UIC Library of Health Sciences
  • Tuition waivers for graduate work at UIC
  • Funding for residents presenting their work at academic conferences, available through application

Time off

  • Four weeks (20 working days) of paid vacation in each post-graduate year and observance of the same holidays as essential staff
  • Five additional days available in second and third years for educational conferences, workshops, and seminars
  • 24 days of sick leave per year
  • Paid maternity or paternity leave as a combination of vacation and sick time. Once employed by the University for at least 12 months, an employee may take a total of 12 consecutive weeks of unpaid leave for personal or family illness or for the birth or adoption of a child.

Insurance benefits

  • Eligibility for comprehensive health care, including vision benefits, and dental care coverage (nominal monthly fee)
  • Supplemental stipend for partial coverage of dependents enrolled in health and dental care plans (maximum $96 for one dependent and $132 for two or more dependents)
  • Long-term disability coverage
  • Life insurance benefit of one year’s stipend without cost to the resident
  • Enrollment in the tax-deferred State University Retirement System (SURS)
  • Professional liability insurance while performing educational duties

Support for resident well-being

  • Employee Assistance Program for counseling and referral services as well as dedicated Clinical Employee Assistance Services when personal problems may be impacting job performance
  • Provision of personal lab coats, scrubs, and accompanying laundry service
  • Meal allowances
  • Access to the UIC Sports & Fitness Center on the west campus, just 2 blocks from the hospital, for a minimal fee
  • Access to campus-based childcare


For additional information regarding resident benefits, please visit the UIC Graduate Medical Education benefits information site.