The entire medical student education team here at the University of Illinois, at Chicago, Department of Family Medicine would like to…

Thank You, the community physicians, office and residency personnel who help in teaching UIC College of Medicine students, who make this family medicine clerkship a wonderful experience.

We know that you are incredibly busy and pulled in many directions.  Because we recognize the challenges, we want you to know that your efforts are appreciated.

  • The students with whom you work are exposed to empathy in a way they have never seen.
  • They see continuity in a whole new light.
  • They realize the value of full spectrum primary care through the example that you set.

Please let us know how we can better support you for your critically important contribution to UIC’s family medicine clerkship. Please feel free to contact Sagina Hanjrah M.D., Director of Medical Student Education, at or by phone at (312) 413-3213 to express your thoughts.