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Photo of Gabel, Kelsey

Kelsey Gabel, RD, PhD

Assistant Professor in Kinesiology and Nutrition

BIRCWH Scholar


Kelsey Gabel RD, PhD is an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology and Nutrition. She received her Masters and PhD in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC). Dr. Gabel has been studying intermittent fasting for almost a decade and has emerged a leader in the field. Specifically, her research is focused on how intermittent fasting may mitigate weight gain and adiposity, adverse effects, and metabolic dysregulation during anti-tumor treatment for breast cancer. Additionally, she is interested in how different modalities of exercise, combined with diet, may improve cognitive decline in older adults with obesity, and how these outcomes may vary by sex. As a BIRCWH scholar, Dr. Gabel will continue to explore how nutrition interventions with and without physical activity affect body weight, adiposity, and cardiometabolic health during treatment in females diagnosed with breast cancer. She will develop her transdisciplinary work to include a larger breadth of factors that impact quality of life during treatment, as well as expand her work to breast cancer survivors and other cancers that primarily affect women.