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Photo of Buhimschi, Catalin S.

Catalin S. Buhimschi, MD, MMS, MBA

Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics

Director of Obstetrical Services and Patient Safety College of Medicine



Dr. Catalin S. Buhimschi is a board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist with sub-specialty training and certification in Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM). He provides clinical care to patients in inpatient and outpatient settings, consisting of high-risk subspecialty clinics (preterm labor, diabetes, medical complications of pregnancy). He is also actively involved in research and mentorship activities. His current research interests are focused on understanding the pathophysiology of medical complications of pregnancy, specifically preterm labor and preeclampsia, and fetal damage. With a greater understanding comes the ability to develop clinical interventions. Examples of Dr. Buhimschi’s contributions to this area of research include the discovery and clinical testing of specific biomarkers as indicators of intra-amniotic infection, early onset neonatal sepsis, poor neonatal outcomes and understanding the pathophysiology of preeclampsia. During his career Dr. Buhimschi has successfully collaborated with researchers around the world, and finalized peer-reviewed publications from each grant and project. During the last decade he has had the privilege of continuing to serve in numerous NIH grant review panels and be part of a team that successfully competed for federal and private foundation funding. Dr. Buhimschi is aware of the importance of building up strong clinical and research teams, as well as his role as a mentor for fellows and junior faculty. With Dr. Buhimschi’s prior experience with building up professional relationships across disciplines including neonatology, pediatrics and anesthesia, NIH funding, mentorship, and business he is prepared to successfully contribute to the Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH) Program.