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At the forefront of patient care and research, the Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation at University of Illinois College of Medicine envisions growth and integration within the clinical neurosciences, enhancing its community presence. The department is dedicated to interconnecting clinical, basic, and translational research programs to deliver improved patient care, exceptional learning opportunities, and innovative cures. With outstanding training programs attracting top-tier students and faculty, our most valuable assets are our dedicated team of faculty, residents, fellows, and students. The department’s boundless opportunities center around research and multidisciplinary clinical programs, distinguishing it and bringing prestige to the hospital and community.

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Learn more about our residency program

The goal of the UIC Neurology Residency Training Program is to prepare our trainees with the skills necessary for the modern age of neurology.

The Department offers seven fellowships.

Learn about each program's unique features and opportunities.

Offerings for medical students

Learn more about ways medical students can focus on Neurology during their degree program.

Summer Vascular Neurology Program

The Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation of the University of Illinois at Chicago offers a unique 7-day summer program in Vascular Neurology.

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The Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation is dedicated to delivering exemplary patient care services, prioritizing compassion and expertise to enhance the well-being of individuals seeking neurological and rehabilitative support.

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