For College of Medicine and Edelstone help

Contact our help line
[email protected]
312-996-3636 (on campus 6-3636)

For general computing help

Contact the ACCC campus help line
[email protected]
312-413-0003 (on campus 3-0003)

Getting Started at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UI COM)

If you need help setting up e-mail and other accounts, come see us in Edelstone.

Make sure to read the UIC “Acceptable Use Policy” and “ Acceptable Use Policy for Res-Net and the UIC Public Wireless Networks” as well as other campus computing policies:

The College of Medicine Student Computing Guide is found at the Edelstone web page (just to the right there, see the linked pages. See also Frequently Asked Computer Questions).

Everyone who has not done so must use the “Password Recovery Services” link to set up a method to change your password in case you ever forget it. Read all about it, and find the links at

If you forget your password, and haven’t set the Password Recovery Systems up, you will have to go to the BGRC Building 2 blocks away to get a new password. Plan ahead!

Check your Mail account, and make sure any mail sent to [email protected] is going to the right place

Go to the ACCC Accounts Portal on and click on Open an ACCC Account and follow the directions to create the new account if needed.  We encourage you to use a [email protected] account for yourself to use during your time here.

Go to UIC Email Netid page and select the appropriate mail routing for your needs:

Mail addressed to [email protected] can go to one account. One check button under “Set new email routing:” should already be selected. Click the button and select where your e-mail should be received. I strongly recommend you use [email protected] here at UI COM as your primary e-mail account because we have experienced lots of problems with people using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. and not receiving important mail.

Incoming Chicago M1s – Subscribe to the Class of 2022 Listserv 

From your UIC e-mail account send a message to [email protected] with the following in the body of your message (the subject can be blank):

    SUBSCRIBE  MEDCLASS2022  Firstname  Lastname

Spelling counts – that’s LISTSERV with no E at the end, and SUBSCRIBE, and please put YOUR name. You can only subscribe or send to the list from your UIC account. This task won’t work through your account at, even if you can read your UIC email that way. If you can’t subscribe, you need to create a UIC mail account, see above. You will receive a confirmation request. Confirm within 24 hours! Reply to the message by clicking the link provided. You will then be subscribed to the listserv. (hint – if you don’t get the confirmation message check your SPAM and Junk mailboxes).

Send us an e-mail – [email protected]

Let us know you’ve completed all these tasks. Send the message from your UIC mail account, please, so you know it works.

WARNING – if you don’t get an automated response very quickly, and then a personalized message back from us within a day or so, something might be set up wrong – check your spam filters, and if it’s not there, see us for help! (that’s why I ask you to send us a note…)

Check out Blackboard

Log in to UIC’s Blackboard at  –  under My Courses you should see sites for the Med School Curriculum’s Block 0 Prematriculation material, M1 Resources, and Class of 2022 Orientation. If the Block Director hasn’t yet put the course material up it won’t be visible. They may not make their Block’s material available until right when classes for that Block start. If you think you are missing a Blackboard site you should be enrolled in, please let us know: OSA manages the M1 and Orientation sites and each Block Director manages their own course material.

If you can’t log in, you may need to create a Blackboard Account. From the ACCC accounts portal,  choose Open an ACCC Account. You will log in and be presented a list of accounts for which you are eligible.

Add the Block Calendar to your personal calendar


Optional – Use the Email tools to set up Spam filters, read about print quotas, get your laptop/ smart phone/ iPad set up for wireless, campus printing, etc.

Updated 8/7/18 (Katman)