About Echo Recordings

Echo360 is the campus’s enterprise tool for classroom lecture capture. It also allows instructors to create and upload content and for students to access it anytime, anywhere, from any device.

You will find materials there to watch before attending class, as well as to review after classes have occurred. Even after a semester or block has ended, you will be able to access these materials.

The preparatory materials found in Echo360 will be the same between campuses. And while recorded lectures will only need to be shared with students on the campus where that lecture was given, students on all sites will have access to all recordings made on the other sites as well.

The Echo360 Help guide can be found on http://help.echo360.org where you can find helpful information on how to view your Echo “Courses”, how to view a presentation, speeding up and slowing down a video, bookmarking specific points, and adding notes and questions.

You may wish to use the Free Echo360 Mobile App – see the appropriate store for your device.

Please make sure to read the College of Medicine Statement on Lecture Recordings.

Don’t upload these anywhere else, don’t forward them to your friends, etc. Seriously. Even if it is the BEST LECTURE you have ever seen (and you will attend some great talks here). Ask the faculty member if you want to do anything with this content other than use it for your own personal viewing and review. They are not DRM-protected, but that doesn’t mean they are free to share indiscriminately.

These lecture recordings are protected by state common law and federal copyright law. You may not copy this material, provide copies of it to anyone else, or make any other use other than personal review without prior permission from the faculty member.

Dates with back-to-back lectures in the same course may be recorded straight through to avoid gaps. Do not be distressed if you only see one recording on a day you had two lectures scheduled. The recording may be for both sessions – check how long it says it is.

This document is not necessarily the final word – – if you find something wrong, or something that needs updating, or something that works well, please let us know!

(last updated August 2018)