The MSTP hosts a variety of academic events throughout the year.  Many of these events are open to UIC Faculty and the general student body.  MSTP events include:  Lunch Seminars, a monthly Dinner Seminar, a series of student Grand Rounds, workshops and trainings, journal clubs, cohort meetings,  MSTP Alumni events, Director’s breakfast and student Thesis Defense seminars.

In addition to these events the students coordinate and host social events throughout the year for the entire MSTP.

Annual Events include the following below:  

Graduation Banquet- a banquet is held each the night prior to COM graduation to honor and celebrate MSTP graduates.  An alumnus of the MSTP returns each year to give the keynote address.  Attendees include MSTP faculty, students and staff, as well as graduating students’ families and PhD mentor.

Retreat- Between June and August, the entire MSTP travels to an off-site resort for a retreat which features student presentations (oral and poster),  a seminar with a  keynote faculty speaker,  interactive break-out sessions, as well as recreation and relaxation. Each November,

COM Research Forum – MSTP students participate in the annual all-COM Student Research Forum  where they are able to present on their current research.  to which they append their own Research Symposium featuring talks by several of the advanced students.