Basic Science Articles

Selected basic science articles are depicted here, please see the publication details of the individual faculty members in the Faculty section.

 • Chen L, Lin S-X, Amin S, Overbergh L, Maggiolino G, Chan LS. VCAM-1 blockade delays disease onset, reduces disease severity and inflammatory cells in an atopic dermatitis model. Immunol Cell Biol  88:334-42, 2010

• Peterson JD, Chan LS. Effectiveness and side effects of anti-CD20 therapy for autoantibody-mediated blistering skin diseases: A comprehensive survey of 71 consecutive patients from the initial use to 2007. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management  5:1-7, 2009

• Xu J, Gao X, Ramchandran R, Zhao Y, Vogel SM, Malik AB. Non-muscle myosin light chain kinase mediated neutrophil transmigration in sepsis-induced lung inflammation by the activation of beta 2 integrins. Nature Immunology  9:880-886, 2008

• Chen L, Overbergh L, Mathieu C, Chan LS. The development of atopic dermatitis is independent of immunoglobulin E up-regulation in the K14-IL-4 SKH1 transgenic mouse model. Clin Exp Allergy  38:1367-1380, 2008

• Chen L, Marble DJ, Agha R, Peterson JD, Becker RP, Jin T, Li J, Chan LS. The progression of inflammation parallels the dermal angiogenesis in a keratin 14-IL-4-transgenic model of atopic dermatitis. Microcirculation  15:49-64, 2008

• Chen L, Lin SX, Agha-Majoub R, Overbergh L, Mathieu C, Chan LS. CCL27 is a critical factor for the development of atopic dermatitis in the keratin-14 IL-4 transgenic mouse model. Int Immunol  18:1233-1242, 2006

• Chen L, Peterson JD, Zheng WY, Lin SX, Chan LS. Autoimmunity to type VII collagen in SKH1 mice is independent of regulatory T cells. Clin Exp Immunol 145:322-331, 2006