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Faculty Achievements

The following announcements depict the faculty achievements, starting with the most recent :

  • Dr. Roger Haber- Department of Dermatology Rising Star (2022)
  • Dr. Paul Storrs- Department of Dermatology Faculty of the Year (2022)
  • Dr. Milena Lyon – Contributing Services Faculty – Teacher of the Year from Northwestern (2021)
  • Dr. Maria Tsoukas – Best Doctors in Illinois – Dermatology (2020)
  • Dr. Maria Tsoukas – Chicago Dermatological Society President recognition plaque (2020)
  • Lawrence S. Chan, MD, published a biomedical textbook entitled “Pemphigus vulgaris” by Nova Science Publishing (2016)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez: World Congress of Dermatology, Vancouver, BC. Certificate of Distinction for a featured poster (2015)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez: Campus Research Board Grant (2015)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez: American Academy of Dermatology Diversity Mentorship Award with medical student Kayla M. St. Claire (2015)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez: Susan La Flesch Picotte, MD Health Equity Award (2015)
  • Dr. Maria Tsoukas – University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago Departmental Faculty of the Year (2015)
  • Lawrence S. Chan, MD, served as the President of Chicago Dermatological Society (2014-15)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez : Elected to UIC Faculty Senate (2012)
  • Dr. Aleksander Krunic : Recipient of the America’s Top Doctors of Cancer Award (2011)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez : Recipient of the Hispanic Center of Excellence in Medicine Award (2011)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez : Named Faculty Scholar by The Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy (2011-2012)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez : Recipient of the International Award for Social Responsibility in Dermatology (2011)
  • Dr. Hill : Recipient of America’s Top Dermatologist Award (2010)
  • Dr. Lawrence Chan : Elected and inducted to the American Dermatologic Association (2010)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez : Recipient of a one year grant from the Institute of Medicine of Chicago (2009).
  • Dr. Jingsong Xu : Recipient of a five-year 1.25 Million R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health (April 1, 2009)
  • Dr. Claudia Hernandez : Recipient of a three-year Career Development Award from the Dermatology Foundation (July 1, 2009)
  • Dr. Sophie Worobec : Board Member of the Amercian Society of Contact Dermatitis (2009)
  • Dr. Paul Storrs : President-elect of the Illinois Dermatologic Society (2009)
  • Dr. Paul Storrs : Vice President-elect of the Chicago Dermatologic Society (2009)
  • Dr. Lawrence Chan : Published a clinical text book entitled “Blistering Skin Diseases” by Manson Publising-American Society of Microbiology Press (2009)