Maternal Fetal Medicine Research

Micaela Della Torre, MD, MS

  • AC Lagging Below 2.5th Percentile as Predictor for Fetal Growth Restriction in Utero. Retrospective analysis.
  • Comparison of vaginal progesterone with Arabin cervical pessary and vaginal progesterone alone in the prevention of preterm delivery in singleton pregnancies with incidental premature shortening of cervical length
  • Does Pre-pregnancy Maternal BMI Alter the Effectiveness of 17-Alpha-HydroxyProgesterone Caporate (17OHPC) for Prevention of Preterm Birth? Retrospective Analysis.
  • Growth restriction: Identifying fetuses at risk
  • Peripartum anticoagulation: Should we switch?
  • Provider adherence to recommendations for the management of obesity in pregnancy: A comparison of certified nurse midwives and obstetrician-gynecologists
  • Relationship of 17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone caproate concentration and body mass index

Laura DiGiovanni, MD 

  • Examining Labor Analgesia in Minority Women (Hispanic and African American)

Abida Hasan, MD

  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring with and without Pattern Interpretation: A Prospective Cohort Study
    • Faculty Advisor, Micaela Della Torre