General Obstetrics & Gynecology Research

Faculty and Fellow Research

Tamika Alexander, MD

  • Evaluating risk of subsequent preterm birth after use of transcervical Foley bulb

Nuzhath Hussain, MD 

  • Exploring Reproductive Health Service needs of Muslim Women in the United States

William Kobak, MD

  • Ultrasonic Attenuation Estimation of the Uterosacral Ligament in Pregnancy
  • Use of Quantitative Ultrasound in Evaluation of Pelvic Floor Defects

Abagail Litwiller, MD 

  • Multi-Institutional Longitudinal Educational (MILEstone) Sites for Fourth Year Ob/Gyn Boot Camp

Sophia Rodriguez, MD

  • Ob/Gyn Resident Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs regarding abortion law in the state of Illinois
  • Factors associated with symptomatic anemia and need for blood transfusion after total laparoscopic hysterectomies


Resident  Research

Gabriela Aguilar, MD

  • Trends in Mode of Permanent Sterilization After Committee Opinion 620: Are We Performing More Prophylactic Bilateral Salpingectomies?
    • Faculty Sponsor: Sondra Summers

Rachel Bervell, MD

  • Impact of Prenatal Patient-Centered Care Program on Pre-Clinical Medical Students
    • Faculty sponsor, Julia Switzer

Alexis Braverman, MD

  • Epidural placement before and after onset of active labor and effect on obstetric outcomes: a cohort chart review
    • Faculty Sponser, Tamika Alexander

Elizabeth Corey, MD

  • Desire for and Barriers to LARCs among Homeless Women in Chicago
    • Faculty Sponsor, Quetzal Class

Kristen Crittle, MD

  • Wound Infection Rates with Steri-Strips vs Skin Adhesive for Skin Closure in Cesarean Section: A Retrospective Study
    • Faculty Sponsor, Nuzhath Hussain

Cara Delaney, MD

  • Informed Consent and Ethical Aspects of Current Antenatal Screening
    • Faculty Sponsor, Laura DiGiovanni

Stephanie Frazen, MD

  • Chicago Homeless Women Preferences in Accessing Contraceptive Care
    • Faculty Sponsor, Jonah Fleischer

Paul Kuder, MD

  • A prospective study on the role of hysterosalpingogram in the evaluation of infertile women with no risk factors for tubal disease
    • Faculty Sponsor, A. Musa Zamah
  • Do Specific Characteristics Alter Success Rates of Cerclage?
    • Faculty Sponsor, Micaela Della Torre

Lauren Pinkard, MD

  • Urine Protein in Laboring Patients
    • Faculty Sponsor, Julia Switzer