Funding Resources

Below, please find information on how to find funds to support your research, and also information on NIH resources, and grant-writing.

Funding Resources

Fundsnet has a list of foundations that offer research support.

OVCR at UIC is a good resource for funding opportunities

UIUC’s library has a list of resources for the University of Illinois Community.

The Society for Women’s Health Research has women’s health-specific research support information.

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s NIHCD website lists women’s health research opportunities as does the US Department of Health and Human Services. is another good resource.

NIH Resources

For faculty in our department, documents explaining the NIH grant Process, tips on preparing and NIH grant proposal, and sample NIH grants are on our shared drive (G:) in the faculty folder.  Here is a link to a standard institutional information potentially needed for NIH and other grants.

Additional NIH resources.

NIH’s US National Library of Medicine has a list of tutorials on their website.

The US Department of Health and Human Services has useful tips on NIH grant writing.  Dr. Bill Hay of the University of Colorado Medical School’s powerpoint on writing and NIH grant may be helpful.

The NIH website is a wealth of information, including explanations of the different types of grants available (R, K, T, F & P).

The NIH Peer Review Process

There are several valuable resources for understanding the process by which NIH grant applications are reviewed, and ultimately awarded or rejected. Here are a few that may be of use as you go through the process:

A humorous, yet informative, powerpoint by Dr. Coehlo of Stanford University.

This video by the NIH on the peer review process and tips for applicants can be useful as well.

Guidelines given to CSR NIH peer reviewers and guidelines for USDHHS NIH reviewers (there is significant overlap between the resources on these pages).

USDHHS’s description of the peer review process (including what the impact/priority scores mean).


The OVCR offers training on research development and grant writing.