Department of OB/Gyn Research Resources

The Department of OB/Gyn has many resources available to you to support your research endeavors. The following is not intended as an exhaustive list of all of the research resources in our department, rather is to help match you to who may be best able to support who regardless of the stage of your research.

Dorothy Sholeen-Modrzyk

Dorothy can help with pre-award and post award side. On the pre-award side Dorothy helps with budget preparation and coordination with the research office with regard to grant submission. On the post-award side  she works on monitoring the Grant spending, financial status reports, audit compliance with the Grants office and close out.

Cathy Driscoll

Cathy can help with data retrieval from both MARS and the Safe Labor database. She also collects IRB approvals from anyone requesting MARS data and keeps a master file of that information. For MFM, she helps with other aspects of labor projects as needed (reviewing protocols and providing feedback, providing data for grant applications, writing portions of grant applications as relates systems/database etc.)