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Catalin Buhimschi, MD, MMS, MBA

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Maternal Fetal Medicine Division
Director, Obstetrics Service and Patient Safety, University of Illinois Hospital
Director, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine
Director, MFM Fellowship Program

High Risk Obstetrics:
Phone: (312) 413-3890
Fax: (312) 413-3894

Academic Office:
Phone: (312) 996-7300
Fax: (312) 355-4238

Medical School Residency Fellowship Graduate
Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Bucharest Romania
University of Maryland Yale University University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston
Ohio State University

Biographical Information

Following completion of medical school in Romania, Dr. Catalin Buhimschi attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston to complete a Master in Basic Reproductive Sciences. He then completed an OBGYN Residency at the University of Maryland, followed by a fellowship in Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) at Yale University.  In 2004, he joined the Yale faculty where he held several leadership positions, including Director of the MFM Fellowship and Perinatal Research Programs, Director of the MFM Section, and Chief of Obstetrical Services at Yale New Haven Hospital. In 2013, Dr. Buhimschi was recruited to The Ohio State University (OSU), where he served as Director of the MFM Section and Vice-Chair for the Department of OBGYN. At OSU, Dr. Buhimschi demonstrated a dynamic vision that promoted effective business strategy and a commitment to outstanding clinical services. He was the recipient of the Frederick P. Zuspan Endowed Chair. In 2017, Dr. Buhimschi completed his Master in Business Administration at the OSU Fisher School of Business.

For over two decades, Dr. Catalin Buhimschi has been committed to basic science and translational research. He has published over 170 original research articles in journals such as Circulation, Hypertension, The Lancet, Science Translational Medicine, and JAMA Pediatrics. He was Co-Editor of the “Drugs for Pregnant and Lactating Women” textbook and associate editor of the American Journal of Perinatology. Dr. Buhimschi received many prizes recognizing research excellence from the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM) including the “March of Dimes Best Research in Prematurity” award. In 2014, Dr. Buhimschi was elected President of the Perinatal Research Society (PRS). As permanent member of the NIH Pregnancy and Perinatology (PN) study section, the SMFM fellowship committee and as a board examiner for the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG), Dr. Buhimschi has played an important role at the national level to promote excellence in science and education. Since 2005, Dr. Buhimschi was funded continuously by the NIH to pursue research in the field of uterine healing, fetal injury and antenatal damage. In 2016, Dr. Buhimschi successfully renewed OSU’s NICHD MFMU-Network grant, for which he served as principal investigator. Currently, Dr. Buhimschi is funded by the NIH, and USAID.

For his entire career, Dr. Buhimschi has promoted a culture of training excellence. He has contributed to the academic development of many medical students, residents, fellows and junior faculty. At both Yale and OSU, he developed infrastructures that fostered research and educational success. Under his leadership at OSU, the MFM fellowship program doubled in size. The fellowship training program’s involvement with the SMFM and Society for Reproductive Investigation reached an all-time high with many abstracts and oral presentations at these annual meetings. Initiation of collaborative research relationships and establishment of an active research network with Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, has facilitated Dr. Buhimschi’s trainees and faculty to seek and attain extramural funding from sources such as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG).

At the University of Illinois, Dr. Buhimschi will capitalize on the wealth of clinical and research opportunities created by the University and Medical Center. Dr. Buhimschi will recruit a cadre of exceptional MFM physicians who, together with the outstanding current team, will deliver care that is safe, efficient, and aligned with the Chicago community’s needs.

Selected Recent Publications

Buhimschi CS, Jablonski KA, Rouse DJ, Varner MW, Reddy UM, Mercer BM, Leveno KJ, Wapner RJ, Sorokin Y, Thorp JM, Ramin SM, Malone FD, Carpenter MW, O’Sullivan MJ, Peaceman AM, Saade GR, Dudley D, Caritis SN and Buhimschi IA for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units Network. Cord blood haptoglobin, cerebral palsy and death in infants of women at risk for preterm birth. The Lancet. 2019.8:47-56.

Stetson BT, Buhimschi CS, Keller BA, Hay K, Buhimschi IA, Maitre NL. Comparison of cerebral palsy severity between two eras of antenatal magnesium use. Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics. 2019.173(2):188-190.

Nayeri UA, Buhimschi CS, Zhao G, Buhimschi IA, Bhandari V. Components of the antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum exposome impact on distinct short-term adverse neonatal outcomes of premature infants: A prospective cohort study. PLoS One. 2018.13:e0207298.

Rood KM, Buhimschi CS, Zhao G, Oliver EA, Summerfield T, Bahtiyar MO, Buhimschi IA. Tenascin-x in Amniotic Fluid and Reproductive Tissues of Pregnancies Complicated by Infection and Preterm Prelabor Rupture of Membranes. Biology of Reproduction. 2019. 100(3):773-782.

Motawea HKB, Chotani MA, Ali M, Ackerman W, Zhao G, Ahmed AAE, Buhimschi CS, Buhimschi IA. Human Placenta Expresses α2-Adrenergic Receptors and May Be Implicated in Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia and Fetal Growth Restriction. American Journal of Pathology 2018. 188:2774-2785.

Finneran MM, Smith DD, Buhimschi CS. Cost Analysis of Azithromycin versus Erythromycin in Pregnancies Complicated by Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes. American Journal of Perinatology 2019. 36(1):105-110.

Ali M, Rogers LK, Heyob KM, Buhimschi CS, Buhimschi IA. Changes in Vasodilator-Stimulated Phosphoprotein Phosphorylation, Profilin-1, and Cofilin-1 in Accreta and Protection by DHA. Reproductive Sciences 2018. 26(6):757-765.

Rood KM, Buhimschi IA, Jurcisek JA, Summerfield TL, Zhao G, Ackerman WE, Wang W, Rumpf RW, Thung SF, Bakaletz LO, Buhimschi CS. Skin Microbiota in Obese Women at Risk for Surgical Site Infection After Cesarean Delivery. Scientific Reports 2018;8:8756.

Millen KR, Buhimschi CS, Zhao G, Rood KM, Tabbah S, Buhimschi IA. Serum and Urine Thioflavin-T-Enhanced Fluorescence in Severe Preeclampsia. Hypertension 2018;6:1185-1192.

Tabbah SM, Buhimschi CS, Rodewald-Millen K, Pierson CR, Bhandari V, Samuels P, Buhimschi IA. Hepcidin, an Iron Regulatory Hormone of Innate Immunity, is Differentially Expressed in Premature Fetuses with Early-Onset Neonatal Sepsis. American Journal of Perinatology 2018;9:865-872.

Ackerman WE 4th, Buhimschi IA, Brubaker D, Maxwell S, Rood KM, Chance MR, Jing H, Mesiano S, Buhimschi CS. Integrated microRNA and mRNA network analysis of the human myometrial transcriptome in the transition from quiescence to labor. Biology of Reproduction 2018; 6:834-845.

McCarthy ME, Buhimschi CS, Hardy JT, Dulay AT, Laky CA, Bahtyiar MO, Papanna R, Zhao G, Buhimschi IA. Identification of haptoglobin switch-on status in archived placental specimens indicates antenatal exposure to inflammation and potential participation of the fetus in triggering preterm birth. Placenta 2018;62:50-57.

Oliver EA, Klebanoff M, Yossef-Salameh L, Oza-Frank R, Moosavinasab S, Reagan P, Muglia L, Buhimschi CS, Buhimschi IA. Preterm Birth and Gestational Length in Four Race-Nativity Groups, Including Somali Americans. Obstetrics and gynecology 2018;2:281-289.

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Research Funding

NIH/NICHD RO1, “Misfoldome-centered MultiOMICS approach to unravel preeclampsia subphenotypes.” 2015-2020, Co-Investigator (PI: I. Buhimschi, University of Illinois at Chicago)

NIH/NICHD R01 “Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Supplementation in Pregnancy to reduce Early Preterm Birth” 5/1/2016 – 4/30/2021, Co-Investigator. (PI: S.E. Carlson, University of Kansas and C.J. Valentine, University of Cincinnati)