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Center for Reproductive Health:
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Welcome to Family Planning

The Section of Family Planning at the University of Illinois at Chicago is grounded in the belief that every woman has a right to plan if, when and how to have a family regardless or race/ethnicity, socio-economic status or citizenship. Our mission is to conduct innovative, culturally-relevant research, to train highly skilled practitioners and to promote social policies that maintain a woman’s bodily integrity. The Program advances this mission through its three components: a contraception research program, the fellowship in family planning and contraception, and the Center for Reproductive Health.

The Center for Reproductive Health

As the clinical arm of the Section of Family Planning, the Center for Reproductive Health offers safe, confidential and comprehensive care for women who seek reproductive services for treatment of miscarriage, contraceptive care, and induced abortion.

Patients: Please see our clinical website for more information.

Students: medical education in family planning