Welcome To The University of Illinois Amputee Rehabilitation Clinic!

The Amputee Rehabilitation Clinic is dedicated to treating people with amputations and limb deficiencies to achieve the best quality of life. The goal of our program is to develop a comprehensive care plan for each patient, including physical and occupational therapy, prosthetic fitting, referrals to other physicians, and referrals to other specialized services as needed. Our comprehensive approach to amputee rehabilitation focuses on the post-surgical, prosthetic and outpatient/reintegration phases to:

  • address proper wound care and limb management
  • increase an individual’s strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance, and decrease pain
  • provide the expert fitting and custom-manufacture of a prosthesis to meet personal lifestyle needs
  • train individuals to use their prosthesis with confidence and comfort, and avoid complication

Whom Might Benefit From An Evaluation?

  • Patients in need of upper or lower extremity prosthesis
  • Current users of prosthetics, which may need to be upgraded, repaired, or replaced
  • Individuals who would like to learn about the newest prosthetics technology that is available to optimize their function


Timelines For Amputation Rehabilitation

The earlier the rehabilitation services are begun, the earlier the function and emotional adaptation can occur. We prefer to be involved before the amputation occurs but certainly within a week of the amputation. Our team can assist the amputee in understanding the entire rehabilitative process and the prosthetic options that are available. This early treatment involvement provides an opportunity to assist with the emotional transition that occurs and to assist in restoring function prior to prosthetic fabrication. We work to have the uncomplicated leg amputee achieve wearing and using a leg prosthesis within 12 weeks of the amputation or even sooner. Most uncomplicated arm amputees should be wearing and using a prosthesis for basic skills within eight weeks of their arm loss.

Treatment Team

The treatment team includes medical professionals from a variety of difference disciplines, all working in coordination to provide the best care for people with amputations and to maximize the functional abilities for each patient:

​​​The Amputee Rehabilitation Clinic is led by a physiatrist (a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation), who is an expert in the care of people with limb loss. Each patient receives a thorough evaluation to determine the best plan for treatment and/or therapy. Throughout the treatment process, the individual is continually reassessed to ensure the prosthetic device is providing the appropriate fit, comfort, and function. Vascular surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and wound care physicians will also play an important role in the care of select patients.

Certified Prosthetists: 
We work in partnership with Scheck & Siress, a group of certified prosthetists who are located in the main hospital building and offer custom prosthetic devices for both adults and children.  ​​

Physical Therapists:
 Our PTs assist in both the inpatient setting (pre-prosthetic training for patients to restore ambulatory function) and the outpatient setting (teaching patients how to use their prosthetic devices correctly and safely to optimize function).

Occupational Therapists: 
Our OTs assist patients in both the training for daily activities and the appropriate usage of their prosthetic device.

In addition to the above, the treatment team includes both social workers and psychologists, who help patients deal with a range of emotional, social and/or behavioral issues.

We also believe that family plays an essential role, and invite cooperation at every phase of treatment along the continuum from inpatient rehabilitation to outpatient rehabilitation services.

Clinic Information

The Amputation Rehabilitation Clinic is held at the:

Neuroscience Center, Suite 4E
1801 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60612

To schedule an appointment, please call: 312-355-0510.

**Please note that a prescription is not required for an evaluation in our clinic; however, some insurance companies do require a physician referral. Patients are encouraged to contact their insurance carrier prior to scheduling an appointment.**

Patient Resources

For additional information, please visit any of the following:

Amputee Coalition: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/ 

Chicago Area Amputees: http://www.chicagoareaamputees.org/